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Prof. Mohamed Zakarya
MRCP UK Professor
Dr. Ahmed Youssef
MRCPCH UK Instructor
Dr. Ramy Raafat
USMLE Instructor
Dr. Mohamed Kandil
MRCOG Instructor
Dr. Sally Mustafa
Obstetrics Ultrasound Instructor
  • Maged Awny - MRCP

    ممتازين جدا و محترمين و ماده محترمه و مفيده جدا و بنصح زمايلي بيكم

  • Ahmed Rabie - MRCPCH

    الكورس ممتاز و المعلومات مفيدة و دكتور شاهنده رائعه في الشرح و خدمة العملاء فوق الممتاز و مجهود مشكورين عليه

  • Raja Meloud - MRCP​

    المحاضرات ممتازة و غنية بالمعلومات و دكتور محمد طريقتة في الشرح جميلة جدا و ربي يبارك فية و انتوا كخدمة عملاء ربي يعاونكم ذوق و رقي في التعامل


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    doctor male

    Alaa Ibrahim

    Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Course

    It’s really wonderful. I am really satisfied with my MRCPCH course.

    doctor male

    Maged Awny

    Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians Course

    “ Excellent and respectable team and very useful material and I recommend you to all of my colleagues. ”

    doctor female

    Raja Meloud

    Membership of the Royal Colleges of Physicians Course

    “ The lectures are excellent and informative, and Dr. Muhammad’s method of explaining is very beautiful, and God bless you all. ”

    doctor male

    Ahmed Rabie

    Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Course

    “ An excellent course, the information, and material are very useful, and the doctor is wonderful in her explanation, the customer service is excellent, and I’m thankful for their efforts. ”

    doctor male

    Hany Altawel

    United States Medical Licensing Examination Course

    “ I will recommend you to my colleagues. Thank you for making taking an online course painless, pleasant, and most of all hassle-free! ”

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