AskYaDoc is the largest online platform in MENA that offers medical courses designed to provide students and professionals with an in-depth education through a large variety of medical fields.

Courses are taught by academic and medical experts, guaranteeing an excellent opportunity for both novices and medical experts to develop their medical expertise and knowledge.

Our quality standards and positive interaction with our customers for more than 3 years allowing us to improve continue to develop.

Ask Ya Doc’s backbone is an educational concept that is both simple and effective. Our users can have access to a vast variety of high-quality medical video lectures—which we produce in our studios, and to have access to live courses with our medical experts so that they can ensure that their questions are answered seamlessly.

Our values summarize our attitude towards our work and are deeply embedded in the way we run our company and how we focus on supporting our customers on their path to a successful medical career.

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